Jazz Review

Jazz Review ($495)

Targeted, 8 CD collection which features the best Jazz tracks from AirCraft including swing, bebop, cool Jazz, acid Jazz, and more contemporary Jazz, and even some cinematic Jazz. A variety of edit lengths and alternate mixes available.
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Around The World

Around The World ($495)

Travel the hills of Appalachia to the Louisiana bayou, through the Southwest and across the water to Hawaii’s island paradise. Then climb aboard for an island vacation, a tour of the Pacific rim, an African odyssey, an exotic Middle Eastern experience and much more, with this 6 CD set.
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Ads Up!

Ads Up! Music For Commercials ($495)

An exciting, 5 CD collection designed for commercial production. Each CD is filled with music that has the right attitude, the right instrumentation, and the right energy to create great commercial radio and television spots. Every selection comes in :60, :30, :10 and :05 lengths. 165 titles, over 650 tracks!
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American Music Series

American Music Series ($495)

An outstanding, 7 CD collection chronicling the broad musical heritage of the United States. Extensive research was conducted to ensure musical authenticity and historical accuracy. Includes full length tracks, :60 and :30 tracks.
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Cinemusic ($695)

Set the scene with this 10 CD collection of film score attitudes. Suspense, comedy and romance are just a few categories from this collection designed specifically for the long format producer.
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Rock Sweepers

Rock Sweepers & Id’s ($195)

This collection designed for rock radio stations, but it’s a great collection for anyone that needs hot rock riffs and effects. With over 300 tracks, tools, and effects on 1 CD, it’s one of the most usable and versatile rock CDs available.
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Latin Compilation

Latin Compilation ($495)

The best latin music tracks from AirCraft. 6 CDs with pre-edited to standard broadcast lengths of :60, :30 cuts. Includes traditional latin music as well as retail and rock influenced cuts.
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