Annual Blanket License

If you use a lot of production music, an annual blanket is a convenient way to have a complete range of production music at your fingertips and ready for your everyday use. Pay one annual fee (or in monthly or quarterly installments) and use as much music as you want with no additional reporting to AirCraft.

In an annual blanket, we send you our entire library or a specified portion of our library on the format of your choice:

  • Available on DVD, Hard Drive or CD
  • Choose the file format: .wav, aiff, mp3, and Soundminer- wrapped broadcast wave
  • Select only the albums you want, specify specific styles for us to assemble, or take the entire library

The cost of your annual blanket will be based on your expected usage and scope of distribution (Broadcast/Non-Broadcast). Contact an AirCraft Library rep today to discuss your production music needs.

Needledrop License

The term needledrop comes from the days when production music was delivered on vinyl records. The term is used for licensing one single piece of music at a time for a specific production. Production blankets for unlimited usage in a single production are also avaiable. Contact us for rates at Rates are based on usage and market size.

All of our music can be licensed for single use (needledrop) directly through the web using a credit card. Search our library. Production Music Now: Pick. Click. Quick.

Buyout Packages

Looking for a targeted music package that you can use anytime, without licensing restrictions? Check out our sizzling selection of buyout music. AirCraft offers focused packages of production music for your productions. Buy out music libraries are stock or production music libraries sold for a one-time or buyout price. No additional licensing is required for buyout music. Aircraft has seven unique buyout music libraries. Get your buyout music at AirCraft in unique packages available at affordable prices.

We can work it out…

Not sure which needledrop rate applies to your specific need? Found the perfect track, but not sure you have the budget? AirCraft is happy to answer your questions and try to work within your budget. We’re proud to be a part of new projects in their infancy and we’ll do our best to take care of your music needs so you can take care of the rest. Contact an AirCraft representative today.